Learning gem5
by Jason Lowe-Power


Mar. 22, 2017

Videos from the tutorial are online! See the Youtube playlist.

Feb. 6, 2017

The tutorial was a great success! Thanks to everyone who attended and all those that helped out. A Youtube link to the screencapture of the tutorial will be posted soon.

Jan. 26, 2017

The tutorial page has been updated with some details for HPCA next week. It's getting close! Make sure to bring a laptop and build gem5 on the laptop (or a machine you can ssh to) before coming. :) See you next weekend!

Book updates

Part II of the Learning gem5 book has been uploaded. This part covers modifying and extending gem5 and will be the bulk of what is covered in the upcoming tutorial. Learning gem5 is a work-in-progress book. Please report any mistakes or typos via the contact page.

Tutorial at HPCA

The Learning gem5 tutorial has been accepted as a day long tutorial at HPCA 23! I hope you'll be joining us in Austin, TX on February 5. See the workshop program on the HPCA website for more information. The tutorial is hosted here.


Learning gem5 is an open-source book and set of classes which covers how to get started using gem5. gem5 is an open-source architectural simulator widely used in both industry and academia.

The source for the Learning gem5 book can be found on github. Feel free to send a pull request if you notice any errors, or send me an email via the contact page.

The source for gem5 can be found on the gem5 website. More information about gem5 is also available on the gem5 wiki and the best place to get answers for gem5 questions not covered in the tutorial is on the gem5-users mailing list.